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Welcome Forum Testers

Post by Admin on Wed 10 Aug 2016, 22:15


Welcome to those lucky few who have agreed to provide us with feedback. Please be aware that the site and forums are currently a work-in-progress, and not representative of the final product.

We have invited you here to check out the site design so far, and to provide us with any feedback - be it positive or negative. Please bear in mind that this is just a work-in-progress, and some features can be changed depending on feedback. However, we do have some restrictions on the site, meaning some features will be disabled for the time being (such as the Gallery and photo attachments). Some areas of the forums may also be locked at this time, but may still be visible.

We recommend that you test out the site on both mobile and PC, in order to provide suitable feedback. If using a mobile / tablet, please switch the site to "Classic Version" or your browser to Desktop Mode for the best experience.

The site and forums are currently in the testing process to weed out any bugs, and to get an idea of how things work. Please be aware that any content posted during this testing period may be purged before the site goes live. Right now we are only looking for feedback regarding the aesthetics and functionality of the site.

The forums can be found HERE.

Please leave all feedback on the feedback thread HERE.

There is also a chatbox feature at the bottom of the main index page of the forums, so please feel free to utilise that for live chat


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